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Yale - HSA Pet Friendly PIR Sensor - HSA6021


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When used in conjunction with a HSA series alarm, HSA6030 can be configured to trigger an entry delay or start siren immediately. Animals up to 26Kgs in weight can move freely around the property without the PIR detecting them!

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Product Description

The Yale Pet Friendly PIR sensor can be used with any of the Yale wireless alarm systems and is very simple to 'learn in' to an existing Yale system. Up to 20 of these units can be installed with any of the Yale alarm systems so all vulnerable areas can be covered. The PIR need to be situated no more than 30 metres from control panel. In terms of operation the PIR will detect movement up to a 12 metre radius from fixed point. Battery life is expected to be three years although the PIR will communicate to Yale control panel which in turn will bleep at 30 second intervals if a low battery warning is received.

We strongly recommend these for use where the home has pets. They should be used in all downstairs rooms and also in rooms where flat roofs are present!


  • Allows undetected movement of pets upto 26Kgs
  • Can be used with any of the Yale HSA3000 OR 6000 series
  • Ideal for use in domestic OR commercial properties.
  • Fully tamper proof
  • Movement detection range of 12 metres
  • Simple to fix (fixing kit included)
  • Long battery life with low battery warning indication


Dimensions: 60mm x 40mm x 40mm
Weight: 0.3kg
MPN: HSA6021


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